Dental Caries Sample Test Paper 1

Dental Caries Paper 1

1.Question 1. A young adult came to your dental clinic with rampant caries. The patient had facial smooth surface caries with cavitated lesions in few teeth surrounded by opaque and chalky enamel. The other adjacent teeth had only opaque and chalky enamel. You 1. know that red, bleeding on provocation, interproximal gingiva is due to the long standing irritation caused by adherent plaque on proximal carious area. 2. will treat the cavitated lesion. 3. will institute fluoride therapy for the prevention of further caries development. 4. will remove the plaque and make a plaque control plan to prevent the progression of the gingivitis. From the above mentioned points which of the following will best suit your opinion:
(5/5 Points)