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The candidates desirous of appearing the ADC Examination process have to go through the following process:


After the initial assessment of qualifications, candidates must undertake both a Written Examination and a Practical Examination.

The Written Examination is held twice each year in March and September, and the Practical Examination is held twice each year in June and November. Candidates must successfully complete the Written Examination prior to sitting the Practical Examination.


Written Examination

The Australian Dental Council’s Written Examination is designed to test your knowledge of the science and practice of dentistry and to assess clinical judgement and reasoning skills relevant to dental practice in Australia.

Each Written Examination session is held over two full consecutive days and two sessions are held each year, during the first half of March and September. The examination is computer-delivered and is offered in multiple locations within Australia and overseas.

The Written Examination consists of four papers containing both scenario-based and single-best answer Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Each examination consists of a different set of questions, however the standard required for a pass in each examination is the same. The four papers must be completed in one examination session, i.e. it is not possible to sit one of the papers in March (or September) and the remaining paper/s in September (or March).

Examination format

The Written Examination is held twice a year, over two full consecutive days, and consists of four 2-hour examination papers. Each paper consists of 80 scenario-based multiple-choice and single-best answer multiple-choice questions. All four papers must be completed in one examination session.


Paper 1

  1. Tooth Conservation
  2. Dental Caries
  3. Endodontics
  4. Dental Pulp
  5. Dental materials

Paper 2

  1. Fixed Prosthodontics
  2. Removable Prosthodontics
  3. Implantology

Paper 3

  1. Anaesthesia and Resuscitation
  2. Infection Control
  3. Medicine and Surgery
  4. Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
  5. Oral Medicine
  6. Oral Pathology
  7. Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Paper 4

  1. Orthodontics
  2. Paediatric Dentistry
  3. Periodontics
  4. Preventive Dentistry
  5. Public Dental Health
  6. Radiology


The computer based test is conducted by Pearson VUE. Familiarize yourself with the look, feel and navigation of a Pearson VUE computer-based test HERE.


Practical Examination


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