Fluid Wax Technique

Mucostatic technique helps in recording all the basal tissues in a non-compressed state. To record the impression by mucostatic technique, Zinc-Oxide Eugenol, Impression Plaster or Fluid Wax is used. To record the tissue details by fluid wax technique, firstly, the final impression has to be taken by conventional materials like Zinc Oxide Eugenol or impression […]

Classification of Dental Caries

According to location Pit and fissure caries Smooth surface caries Root surface caries According to extent or severity Incipient (reversible) Cavitated (non reversible) Based on whether new or old Initial or primary caries Recurrent or secondary caries According to rate of progression (speed) Acute or rampant Chronic caries Arrested caries According to Pathway of caries […]

Inferior Dental Nerve Block

The inferior alveolar nerve is also known as inferior dental nerve.  it gives of a motor branch that supplies to mylohyoid muscle and anterior Belly of digastric.  then it travels through mandibular foramen and enters the mandible why are the inferior dental canal.  from inferior dental Canal it supplies to mandibular Third molar, second molar, […]