IDA Jamshedpur Conducts Dental Camp and Oral Health Awareness Programm

Jamshedpur, 29 April 2018

Amidst the fun filled Jam-street, Indian Dental Association, Jamshedpur Branch took the opportunity to impart crucial knowledge amongst the people of Jamshedpur about oral hygiene and showed how bad oral health and tobacco habits lead to other serious health disorders.

jam-street 1

Dentists of IDA, Jamshedpur branch came up with a healthy cause and educated the people about the proper way to prevent the development of dental problems such as tooth decay, gum diseases and other oral health complications. They spread awareness about the increasing incidence of oral cancer in India and emphasized the importance of regular oral and dental check-up as a better step towards good health.

Risk of oral cancer increases with age. Oral cancers most often occur in people over the age of 40 years and around 80% of oral cancers are directly attributable to the tobacco and related products (smoking, Gutaka, or Pan Masala).

Jam-street 2

The relationship of tooth decay (dental caries) & pyorrhea (periodontitis) to valvular heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, vision, brain and skin were explained to the public. It was highly advised to get treatment of dental decay and periodontitis in its early stage to prevent the development of other systemic diseases. 167 persons among 516 attendees were found to be suffering from chronic periodontitis, tooth decay, remaining root stumps, sever attrition, temporomandibular joint disorder and malocclusion. These people were advised to get the proper treatment to make their oral cavity free from dental diseases and improvement in the quality of life.

Doctors who immensely contributed in this dental camp cum awareness program were Dr. Ajai Mohan Singh, Dr. Eric Liu, Dr. Warren Liu, Dr. Richa Angik,  Dr. Saba, Dr. Suman Lodha, Dr. Sikander Prasad, Dr. Aron,  Dr. Ankita, Dr. Aditya, Dr. Shweta Jaiswal, Dr. Pankaj, Dr. Aniket, Dr. Aditya and Dr. Soni.


Article written by Dr Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Dr. Sabyasachi

Department of Prosthodontics, KGMU Conducts 1st International workshop on Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

International Conference Maxillofacial prosthodontics

March 18, 2018, Lucknow, India

“We are providing high quality prostheses for poor and underprivileged people in the faculty of Dental Sciences, said Prof. Pooran Chand, Head of the Department of Prosthodontics, King George Medical University, Lucknow, India.

Professor Pooran Chand was addressing the audience in a workshop conducted by department of prosthodontics King George Medical University. He informed the audience that instead of making one prosthesis, now the department can make 15 prostheses in one day. This has become possible by the use of latest technology in Dentistry. The silicon which is used in the fabrication of prostheses, that used to take more than one and half hour for curing earlier,  now takes shorter duration to by using hot air oven.

Delegates attending a seminar on maxillofacial prostheses

It is also possible to make the eye prosthesis that looks exactly as natural eye, spoke  Dr. Tirath Srithiwaz. Dr. Raghubar Dayal explained the audience about the maintenance of maxillofacial prostheses. Dr. Balendra Pratap spoke on the prostheses in children.  He saidd that the eye prostheses of children should be changed after 2 to 3 years.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Ist international workshop on maxillofacial prosthodontics in the department of prosthodontics, honorable vice chancellor of the King George Medical University, Prof M.L. B. Bhat, voiced the motto of the institution, ‘we strive to provide world class medical services’. For a better service, in the field of maxillofacial prosthesis, we have collaborated with Mahidol University, Bangkok Thailand. We are committed to provide cheaper maxillofacial prostheses for a price range between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 instead of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.5 lakh rupees that is being charged in private institutions.

On this occasion, the dean of the faculty of dental sciences, Prof. Shadab Mohammad, also conveyed his views on the recent advances in dentistry.

Office bearers of the Indian prosthodontic Society, Dr Kashinath KR, Dr Prafulla Thumati, Dr Ravindra Savadi, Dr V Rangarajan, Dr JR Patel, Dr Rupesh PL, and Dr. N. Gopi Chander were also present on this occasion.


Based on input provided by Dr. Ajai Singh


We invite comments from participants for a better experience. Please use the comment box given below.

Indian Dental Association Jamshedpur Organizes CDE Program

IDA meeting

March 18. 2018, Jamshedpur

IDA Jamshedpur Branch has successfully conducted a continuous dental education (CDE) program and local body meeting at Hotel Ganga Regency, Jamshedpur.

IDA meeting

In CDE program, Dr Purnima Poonam, a paedodontist presented a talk on "Displacement Injuries to Permanent Anterior Teeth" which was followed by another talk on "Immediate Implant Placement and Loading Protocol" by Dr Md. Shahbaz Alam.

The presentation session was preceded by a meeting of the IDA Jamshedpur Branch, where expansion of the core committee along with other crucial decisions were finalized.




As reported by

Dr. Sabyasachi

Dr Sabyasachi Chatterjee

The Clinical Society of the Tata Main Hospital Celebrates its 55th Annual Conference


March 18, 2018, Jamshedpur

The clinical society of the Tata Main Hospital celebrates its 55th annual conference with valedictory function today.

Speaking as chief guest at valedictory function of the clinical society, Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran, the Vice-President corporate services of Tata Steel emphasized the importance of IT tools to facilitate the Primary Health Services in India.

Dr. Vijaya Bharat, President of the clinical society of Tata Main Hospital (TMH), highlighted the main events of the annual conference. She informed the audience, fifty two papers were presented by different renowned doctors, and three workshops on suturing, virtual Cath lab and echocardiography were conducted.

Releasing the TMH Clinics, Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran VPCS, Tata steel (center), Dr. D. P. Samaddar on his left and Dr. Vijaya Bharat on his right, Dr. Sridhar Pradhan on her right and Dr. Sarala Sunder on extreme left.


The secretary, Dr Sarala Sunder highlighted, in her report, the CDE programs conducted throughout the previous year.  The papers presented by clinical society members in conferences throughout India and various awards won by the members of the clinical society were also highlighted by her.

Dr. D. P. Samaddar, the Chief of medical Indore services, stressed the importance of continuous medical education and published research work in the medical field.  He encouraged everyone to actively participate in the research activity along with the patient care for the advancement of medical fraternity. He highlighted the support and guidance provided by Dr Rajan Choudhary,  General Manager Medical Services of Tata Steel, in the success of the 55th annual conference of the Clinical Society.

At this occasion, the March issue of TMH Clinics, the in-house journal of the Tata Main Hospital, and souvenir of 55th annual conference were launched by the VPCS of Tata Steel, Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran. The best category awards in various categories were also given to the best participants in each category.

The program, started on 15th March 2018, ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. Sridhar Pradhan, the new President of the Clinical Society for the year 2018-2019.


With inputs from Dr. Ajai Singh.


Indian Dental Association organizes dental camp in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Picture 2

January 21, 2018 Jamshedpur

A medical and dental camp was organised by the Indian Dental Association, Jamshedpur Branch in collaboration with Shrimad Raj Chandra Atma Tatva Research Centre, in Narbheram Hansraj English School Bistupur Jamshedpur.

More than 650 patients had registered themselves in this camp for getting the benefits, with 84 dental patients.

The team of dentists who performed patients’ checkup was comprised of Dr Ajai Mohan Singh, Dr Eric Liu, Dr Ankita Pandey, Dr Preeti Kiran, Dr Aron Chen, Dr Nehal Amin and Dr Mohammad Sadaf.

Picture 2: Dental camp in Narbheram Hansraj English School by IDA Jamshedpur.
Picture 3
Picture 2: Dental camp in Narbheram Hansraj English School by IDA Jamshedpur. Dr. Eric Liu and Dr. Akai Mohan Singh discussing with Dr. Preeti Kiran about the Periodontal disease of the patient who is just leaving after oral examination and appropriate counselling.

A discussion was done between Dr Ajai Mohan Singh, consultant Prosthodontist of the Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur and Dr Eric Liu, a leading dentist of Jamshedpur, about the pattern of the dental diseases in the local community.They discussed and counseled the patients about the nature of various dental diseases, their prevalence in different strata of the society, and their management to the patients who had attended the camp.

Picture 3: Dental camp in Narbheram Hansraj English School by IDA Jamshedpur.

The following members of the Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre of the Jamshedpur group where present at this health camp: Mr. Pignesh Jalakhia, Mr. Rashmi Bhayani, Mr. Parag Bhayani, Mr. Kishore Vora, Mr. Ramesh Shah, Ms. Kanak Gandhi Ms. Jyoti Kothari along with other important members and volunteers of the organisation. Besides Dental, the other specialties, ENT Ophthalmology and Orthopaedics along with Medicine and Surgery also contributed in this camp.

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