Obturation in RCT

Obturation in RCT is the last step of the root canal therapy. It is done when the root canal is bio-mechanically prepared to receive the obturating material and free from infections.   Following are the eight steps of the “Lateral Condensation” technique of the obturation for a root canal prepared by step back technique: Make the canal dry with the […]

Root Canal Treatment – RCT

Root canal treatment (RCT) is the treatment of the canal of a tooth. It is done once a tooth’s pulpal vitality is in doubt or it has died. It is done to prevent the further progression of the disease to the peri-apical area, for example, peri-apical granuloma, cyst, or abscess. Give few examples of the cases where […]

Steps of the Root Canal Therapy

The steps that should be followed while doing a RCT are given below: Access cavity preparation Canal identification Checking of canal’s patency Bio-mechanical preparation Creating an aseptic canal Obturation Access cavity preparation: Access to the pulp chamber where pulp resides is gained through a properly designed access cavity. The design of the access cavity differs […]