Finish Lines of a Crown Preparation

The margins of crowns preparations in fixed Prosthodontics are place in three positions Supragingival Equigingival Subgingival Advantages supra-gingival finish line: It is conducive for better periodontal health It facilitates accurate impression making It allows accurate assessment of the fit Advantages of Equigingival finish line: It provides better better retention It is conducive for better periodontal […]

Finish line in Crown & Bridge Preparation

Shoulder Finish Line Indications All ceramic crowns Porcelain fused to metal crown Injectable porcelain Advantages Good contour of crowns Improved Aesthetics Less distortion of crown Provides adequate bulk to the crown Disadvantages Minimal conservative to tooth Poor marginal adaptation of crown   Shoulder with Bevel Indications Proximal boxes of onlays and inlays Labial finish line […]