PFM crown preparation

Techniques of Crown Preparation

We have several types of crown
designs, but here, we shall limit ourselves to select few, most common ones.
For detailed study, one can consult a standard text book. The main types
of the crown preparations are: Full cast metal crownPorcelain fused to metal crownAll ceramic crownCrown preparations specially designed for specific material Your main focus should be on the
type of finish linesRead More…

PFM Crown

What should you look for before starting a crown preparation?

So, you are ready to start your crown work for
the patient who is eagerly waiting to regain the lost functional ability, phonation
and aesthetics. The functional ability, aesthetic value, speech enhancement and
self-confidence of the patient will enhance when you look for the following
anomalies in the oral cavity and rectify them, before the commencement of the
crown preparation. You can make yoRead More…


*Glossary of Prosthodontic terms (9th ed.) states occlusion as: the act or process of closure or of being closed or shut off. the static relationship between the incising or masticating surfaces of the maxillary or mandibular teeth or tooth analogues. Before we talk about occlusion, one must be familiar with various terminologies that are commonly used in Prosthodontic discussion. The Read More…

Type of Finish Lines Base on Location

The margins of crowns preparations in fixed Prosthodontics are place in three positions Supragingival Equigingival Subgingival Advantages supra-gingival finish line: It is conducive for better periodontal health It facilitates accurate impression making It allows accurate assessment of the fit Advantages of Equigingival finish line: It provides better better retention It is Read More…

Finish line in Crown & Bridge Preparation

Shoulder Finish Line
Indications All ceramic crowns Porcelain fused to metal crown Injectable porcelain Advantages Good contour of crowns Improved Aesthetics Less distortion of crown Provides adequate bulk to the crown Disadvantages Minimal conservative to tooth Poor marginal adaptation of crown  
Shoulder with Bevel
Indications Proximal boxes of onlays and inlaysRead More…