Peri-Implantitis and Implant Failure

Peri-implantitis is a condition of inflammation of tissues around the implant. If it is not treated, it will lead to implant failure. The most important criterion for osseointegration of implant is primary stability. Micro movement of approximately 20 micron are known to prevent osseointegration of implant and may lead to fibrous union.

Nine reason you should not go for implant supported prosthesis

Implant supported prostheses include over-dentures, crowns and bridges. These are the treatment of choice in modern dentistry. They are very predictable in nature and have a track record of very successful life span serving their purpose. But, there are certain conditions where the dental implants cannot be provided due to the inherent nature of the […]

Five reasons you should take an implant supported prosthesis!

People often ask me; can I get a fixed artificial teeth? While most of the time, they can get it, but in few unfortunate one, it remained impossible to provide a fixed partial denture due to their unfavorable oral conditions. In those cases, we suggest them, “you should take an implant supported prosthesis”. We see […]