Image maxillary nerve

Maxillary Nerve

Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve  Posterior superior alveolar nerve arises in the pterygopalatine fossa from the maxillary division of the Trigeminal nerve. This nerve passes downwards, over the maxillary tuberosity to provide sensory supply to the mucous membrane of the cheek and adjacent gingiva. It then, passes through a foramen, named as posterior superior alveolar foramen to Read More…


Inferior Dental Nerve

The inferior dental nerve, a sensory nerve, is also known as inferior alveolar nerve. It is a branch of mandibular nerve that gives off a motor branch that supplies to mylohyoid muscle and anterior belly of digastric, before entering the mandibular foramen. Then it travels through mandibular canal and enters the inferior dental canal. From inferior dental canal, it supplies sensory fibers to mandRead More…

Incisive mental nerve

Incisive and Mental Nerve

Incisive Nerve
The incisive branch of IAN continues forward in a bony canal or in a plexiform arrangement, giving off branches to the first premolar, canine and incisor teeth, and the associated labial gingiva. The lower central incisor teeth receive a bilateral innervation, fibers probably crossing the midline within the periosteum to re-enter the bone via numerous canals in the labial cortical pRead More…

Postoperative bleeding, Reactionary and Secondary Haemorrhage

When you have closed an operation wound, there may start postoperative bleeding, reactionary and secondary haemorrhage. The type and reasons may be as follows:
Reactionary Haemorrage:
It occurs during the first 48 hours of the surgery. It may be due to a dislodged clot in a vessel, or a ligature has slipped.
Secondary Haemorrhage:
It occurs after 8 to 14 days after surgery. When the wound becomeRead More…

Local Anaesthesia

Summary introduction to neurophysiology and PharmacologyArmamentariumTechniques of regional anaesthesia in dentistryPractice of local anaesthesiaComplications legal considerations Neurophysiology drugs and Pharmacology fundamentals of nerve impulse generation and transmissionproperties of local anaesthetic agentstheories of pain perceptionmode of action of local anaesthetic agentssite ofRead More…