Burs Used to Prepare Different Types of Finish Line of A Crown

  Different types of burs are used to prepare different type of margins of a crown preparations. They are as follows: Chamfer Finish Line: The round and tapered cylinder and torpedo diamonds are used to prepare a chamfer finish line.   Shoulder Finish line: The end cutting burs are used to prepare the shoulder finish […]

Comparative composition of the major mineralized tissues of teeth

Cementum is the least mineralized of the 3 calcified dental tissues, but is more mineralized than bone, as shown in the following table. (From Schroeder, H.E.,1991) % BY WEIGHT ENAMEL DENTIN CEMENTUM BONE MINERAL 95 70 61 45 ORGANIC 1 20 27 30 WATER 4 10 12 25                 […]

Occlusioal anatomy of deciduous molars

Figure  A, Maxillary first molar. MBC, Mesiobuccal cusp; MTF, mesial triangular fossa; MP, mesial pit; CP, central pit; MLC, mesiolingual cusp; DLC, distolingual cusp; DTF, distal triangular fossa; DDG, distal developmental groove; BDG, buccal developmental groove; DBC, distobuccal cusp; CDG, central developmental groove. B, Maxillary second molar. BDG, Buccal developmental groove; MBC, mesiobuccal cusp; CDG, […]

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