According to location

  • Pit and fissure caries
  • Smooth surface caries
  • Root surface caries

According to extent or severity

  • Incipient (reversible)
  • Cavitated (non reversible)

Based on whether new or old

  • Initial or primary caries
  • Recurrent or secondary caries

According to rate of progression (speed)

  • Acute or rampant
  • Chronic caries
  • Arrested caries

According to Pathway of caries

  • Forward caries
  • Backward caries

Published by Dr. Ajai Singh

Dr. Ajai M. Singh, a Prosthodontist from India, qualified Australian Dental Council licentiate examination in 2008. Since then, he is actively helping Dentists aspiring to pass ADC examination and willing to practice dentistry in Australia. Dr. Singh has helped hundreds of dentists who have successfully passed ADC examination and settled in Australia.

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