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buy a course for dental competitive examination

For ADC Part 1 Written Exam

Platinum Course for ADC Preliminary Examination

The ‘Platinum Course’ is for fresh graduates. The candidates will get the mock test papers with explanations as well as study materials, and need based one to one help. Pay only Rs.  29,994.00 instead of Rs. 49,990.00. Valid till 30 April 2021. Buy Platinum Course Now Read More

Diamond Course for ADC Preliminary Examination

The ‘Diamond Course’  is meant for those dentists who have theoretical knowledge but lack practice. This plan provides mock test papers with explanations. Pay only Rs.  17,994.00 instead of Rs. 29,990.00. Valid till 30 April 2021. Buy Diamond Course Now

Govt Dental Jobs

Govt Dental Jobs Prep Course

Besides viva voce, now the state public service commissions take a written test for the dental officer posts in Provincial Medical Services. The “Govt Dental Job Prep Course” is for the written test of the Public Service Commission’s dental jobs. It’s easy and prepares you well for the test. Buy Govt Dental Jobs prep Course.

For ADC Part 2 Clinical Exam

Crown & Bridge: Perfecting the Art & Science

The ‘Crown & Bridge: Perfecting the Art & Science‘ Course is specially prepared for improving the clinical skills for crown and bridge fixed Prosthodontics. This course will help in mastering the needed clinical skill for part 2 of ADC examination. This short course will equally help a general dentist to become perfect in Crown & Bridge technique. Pay only Rs.  1,800.00 instead of Rs. 3,000.00. Valid till 30 April 2021. Buy This Course Now

For NEET MDS Preparation

NEET MDS Practice Course

The ‘NEET MDS Practice Course’ for honing the MCQ solving skill. This course provides 5000 MCQs along with explanation of the answer immediately. You will never leave the page for explanation. This type of learning shortens your preparation time. Pay only Rs.  5,999.49 instead of Rs. 9,998.98. Valid till 30 April 2021. Buy This Course Now Read More

For NDEB, ORE Preparation

This course provides all formats of questions, their answers with suitable explanation. You will never need to consult any other resource for your preparation. Pay only Rs. 35,999.50 instead of Rs. 59,999.00 Buy This Course Now

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