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Crown & Bridge is the gold standard for replacement of missing natural tooth. Practically, every dentist does make crown and few make bridge too. 

It is easy to think, the crown or the bridge being fabricated in the same laboratory sent by a structurally trained Prosthodontist or a general dentist will be same at the quality parameters. The prosthesis is being made by the same technician using same materials and machines. What could go wrong? 

No, this is a wrong assumption. It is not the same and will never be. 

As your dental assistant does not know and understand, what kind of retaining features you have incorporated in your cavity preparation under water spray with a rotating diamond point; in the same way, it is impossible for a dental graduate to understand what a Prosthodontist does while he is preparing a tooth for a crown or bridge unless one has been trained rigorously under a properly structured guidance system. 

In this course, you will learn about those secrets that are incorporated during planning and its execution for an artificial crown or bridge. After completion of this course. You will be able to: 

  • Assess the oral cavity from the prosthodontics perspective 
  • Prepare a plan for complete treatment of the patient 
  • Prepare the oral cavity to receive crowns or bridges 
  • Prepare tooth to receive distinct types of crowns or bridges 
  • Use impression materials wisely for an exceptional crown/bridge 
  • Temporize the prepared crown meticulously 
  • Cement a crown wisely 
  • Convince the patient to take proper care of the prosthesis for a longer life span 


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Dr. Ajai M. Singh, a Prosthodontist from India, has qualified Australian Dental Council licentiate examination in 2008. Ever since then, he is actively helping dentists aspiring to pass ADC examination and willing to practice dentistry in Australia. Dr. Singh has helped hundreds of dentists who have successfully passed ADC examination and settled in Australia. Dr. Ajai M. Singh has 25 years of experience in the clinical practice & academic domain. He is a post graduate of prestigious King George Medical University, Lucknow. He has held in the past, positions-specialist in the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia and consultant in Tata Main Hospital, Tata Steel, India. To follow his passion for knowledge dissemination & taking dentistry to a new height, he is now working with his close friends & associates. He is always ready to mentor dentists who are willing to achieve the pinnacle in dentistry.
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