Dental Pulp


  1. Introduction

  1. Pulpal response to injury & disease

  1. Pulpal inflammation in response to bacteria

  1. Pulpal Inflammation in Response to Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical Insults

(Pulp Protection During and After Tooth Restoration)

  • Source of Pulp Damage before, during, and after restoration
  • Avoidance Of Pulpal Damage Due To Caries
  • Protective Measures During Restoration Placement
  • Pathways of Diffusion & Fluid Flow Through Dentin
  • Risks to the Pulp from Plastic Restorative Materials
  • Materials Used In Pulp Protection
  1. Pulpal Response to Pulp capping agents (Vital Pulp Therapy)

  • Anticipating pulpal reaction to dental materials
  • Influence of bacteria on pulpal healing
  • Molecular responses to pulp exposur



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