The strike organised by the Indian medical Association has been called off after a successful negotiation between the representatives of NRS Medical College and the Honorable chief Minister of West Bengal. The doctors of the NRS Medical College put the following demands to the west Bengal Chief Minister:

  1. Collapsible gate at the entrance.
  2. Application Indian Penal Code to the assaulter.
  3. Three shift public relation personnel to communicate with patients’ relatives.
  4. Keeping a nodal police officer in each hospital.
  5. Restriction to number of patients’ relatives in the wards and treatment area.
  6. Installations of sign board and CCTV camera.
  7. Removing all the charges against the doctors of NRS Medical College.
  8. Declaration of inadequacy of doctors in the Government hospitals.
  9. Creation and implementation of medical service protection act in West Bengal.
  10. Justifying medical negligence (in case of Abhisekh’s eye treatment) and subsequent grief of patient’s relatives and its outcome as violence.
  11. Inquiry into police inaction
  12. Appointment of local people as security guard to be stopped.
  13. Inclusion of students and police in Rogi Kalyan committee.
  14. Creation of dental hostel and ambulance services.
  15. Creation of infrastructure outside medical colleges.
  16. Creation of emergency police phone number and e mail for violence in a hospital premise.
  17. Console Dr. Paribaha Mukharjee.
  18. Junior doctors to be included in meeting with senior doctors.
  19. Issue statement condemning violence against doctors.
  20. Ethics and behavioral class for junior doctors.
Doctors of Tata Main Hospital
Doctors of Tata Main Hospital in the meeting supporting the strike called by Indian Medical Association

Clinical Society of the Tata main Hospital showed its solidarity with the doctors the NRS Medical College, West Bengal .

An emergency meeting was convened today,by President of the clinical society, Dr Somen Chakraborty, in the auditorium of the Tata Main Hospital. In this meeting where more than 150 doctors were present, a lot of doctors expressed their anger towards the barbaric act done by mob on the intern doctors in the NRS Medical College Kolkata.

The incident happened on 10th of June 2019, where a 75 year old patient suffering from heart disease died his natural death. The relative of the patient got agitated and abused and thrashed the doctors on duty. Latter on the next day, came back with 200 people and assaulted the doctors on duty. Several doctors got injured; few of them had head injuries and was admitted to ICU, one dentist had lost his one eye.

When this matter was brought to the state administration, it did not take appropriate step. Rather it chose to harass the doctors. In protest, approximately 300 senior doctors resigned from the Government job. 

The Indian Dental Association had appealed to go on strike to support its fellow. In response, the dentist closed down their services throughout India.

The world dentist association has also condemned the violence against the doctors and health care personnel, in Tokyo.

President elect and secretary general of the World Medical Association denounces the violence against doctors
How a natural death can be prevented? It has become common to assault health care provider if patient dies of natural death. But the goons can kill anyone. Administration doesn’t bother to protect doctors because they are not a vote bank.

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