Finish Lines of a Crown Preparation

The margins of crowns preparations in fixed Prosthodontics are place in three positions

  1. Supragingival
  2. Equigingival
  3. Subgingival

Advantages supra-gingival finish line:

  1. It is conducive for better periodontal health
  2. It facilitates accurate impression making
  3. It allows accurate assessment of the fit

Advantages of Equigingival finish line:

  1. It provides better better retention
  2. It is conducive for better periodontal health

Advantages of sub gingival finish line:

  1. It is used when additional retention is needed
  2. It is indicated in anterior zone where aesthetics is a prime consideration
  3. it is used in cervical erosion and root hypersensitivity cases

Published by Dr. Ajai Singh

Dr. Ajai M. Singh, a Prosthodontist from India, qualified Australian Dental Council licentiate examination in 2008. Since then, he is actively helping Dentists aspiring to pass ADC examination and willing to practice dentistry in Australia. Dr. Singh has helped hundreds of dentists who have successfully passed ADC examination and settled in Australia.

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