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Fixed Prosthodontics

An introduction to fixed Prosthodontics 

Fundamentals of occlusion 


Interocclusal records 

Articulation of casts 

Treatment planning for single tooth restorations 

Treatment planning for the replacement of missing teeth 

Fixed partial denture configuration 

Principles of tooth preparations 

Preparation for full veneer Crowns 

Preparations of partial veneer crowns 

Preparations for intracoronal restorations 

Preparations for extensively damaged tooth 

Preparations for periodontally Weekender teeth 

Provisional restorations 

Fluid control and soft tissue management 


Working casts and dies 

Wax patterns 

The functionally generated path techniques. 

Investing and casting 

Finishing and cementation 

Static considerations 

All ceramic restorations 

Pontic and edentulous ridges 

Solder joints and other connectors 

Resin bonded fixed partial dentures 

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