Free Mock Test 4


This “Mock test No. 4” contains 80 questions as you will find in the ADC written examination. After submission, at the end, you will be shown the correct answers with explanations, if needed,

This free paper is being provided for all to get a feeling of actual examination conditions. You will have exactly 2 hours to complete it; after 2 hours, the “Mock Test” will be submitted automatically. Therefore, it is advised to take care of the timer.

You can practice more by getting premium mock test paper HERE.

There is a fee of 799.99 to access this test.





  1. Hello,
    My name is Cahit İş. I am dentist.I am Turkish. I have been working since 2000 in Turkey. I would like to migrate to australia with my family. I have been preparing english and adc written exam but I dont have enough mcq or question bank to prepare. Actually I dont have really good plan to prepare. Can you help me and give me suggestion about that ? Can we prepare a study plan for adc written exam ?

    Thank you
    CAHİT iş

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