Question: I want to immigrate to Australia as dentist. What should I do?

Answer:  If you want to work in Australia as a registered general dentist with Dental Board of Australia, you need to get your non Australian graduate degree assessed by Australian Dental Council.  For this purpose you are required to sit in the examination conducted by Australian Dental Council.
The skill assessment by Australian Dental Council will make you eligible to register yourself as a General dentist in the Dental Board of Australia. Skill assessment will also be needed when you apply for Australian Visa.

Question:  To sit in the examination of Australian Dental Council, what should I do?

Answer:  You need to follow the following steps:

  1. Initial assessment-Your non-Australian dental degree will be assessed by Australian Dental Council. The initial assessment involves the assessment of the documents like professional qualification, work experience, registration history and good standing. The successful assessment of the documents will make you eligible for written examination. This process will take approximately 8 weeks and will cost you 160 Australian dollar.
  2. Passing the written examination– It is a multi-choice question based examination of theoretical knowledge and clinical application knowledge. Written examination is conducted over 2 days and each day consists of two papers.  Each paper consists of 80 multi-choice questions. Written examination is held in various centers worldwide. The time taken to sit in the written examination may span up to 5 months after initial assessment. The fee for written examination is 2000 Australian dollar.
  3. Passing the practical examination– It is a two-day simulation-based examination assessing the clinical and technical skills. It is held in the ADC examination center in Melbourne Australia. After qualifying the written examination, a candidate can sit in the practical Examination up to 3 years. It may take 6 to 9 months for you to sit in the Practical Examination after you qualify in the written examination.  The fee for practical examination is 4500 AUD.


  • Initial assessment fee:  160 AUD
  • Written examination fee: 1200 AUD
  • Practical Examination fee: 4500 AUD

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