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We invite you to join the Dental Knowledge community if you have faith in our mission and have a passion for writing. Contributing to the site also provides you the visibility as Dental Knowledge gets over thousands page views in a month with unique visitors from India, Australia, UK, US and Canada and Middle East.

All the content submitted to the Academy of Dental Knowledge is acknowledged to its contributors. All submission should follow international copyright norms. Dental Knowledge checks contents for any copyright issues before acceptance. Content copyright is decided depending on if the submission is free or paid. All the content submitted and accepted for publication includes the transfer of copyright to Dental Knowledge unless otherwise stated in writing.

Name of the positions

  1. Content writer on all the topics of Dentistry
  2. Question paper creator

Essential requirement: Any of the following

  1. MDS or equivalent
  2. BDS or equivalent
  3. ADC qualified


Minimum 1 year

Your responsibility

You will be responsible for creating notes and single choice multiple answer questions along with explanation for ADC examination and NEET for MDS.

The choice of the subject and topic will be yours, after confirmation from our side. You can choose any topic of your choice as per your expertise.

Rewards and Remuneration

You will be suitably rewarded based on the quality of your work done.

Write us at

Format of application (You can copy the following content and send to us after filling in the details along with the needed documents)

Application for the position of Content writer and Question paper creator 

Date: //____

I (write your name here) am applying for the position of content writer on (name of the topics of Dentistry) and/or Question paper creator for “Dental Knowledge”.

Please accept my application and approve it.

Yours Sincerely

(Your Name)





You can download the application form from HERE.

You should enclose scanned copies of the following documents along with your application:

  1. Copy of the BDS Degree OR equivalent
  2. Copy of the MDS Degree OR equivalent
  3. Proof of Identity
  4. Any other certificates

Send your application to