Obturation in RCT

Obturation in RCT is the last step of the root canal therapy. It is done when the root canal is bio-mechanically prepared to receive the obturating material and free from infections.

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Following are the eight steps of the Lateral Condensation technique of the obturation for a root canal prepared by step back technique:

  1. Make the canal dry with the help of sterile paper points.
  2. Determine the master cone size of Gutta Percha point and hermetic seal by tug back at the root apex. Note the exact length of master cone in relation to the reference point and mark the master cone.
  3. Tell your dental assistant to mix the root canal sealer up to proper consistency.
  4. Apply the sealer on the entire root canal wall with the help of a lentulo, reamer, file or the master cone itself. Do not use excess sealer.
  5. Insert the master cone up to already working length.
  6. Insert the additional Gutta Percha(GP) points by creating space using finger spreader of appropriate size and length till there remains no space for more G. P. point.
  7. Cut the Excess length of GP points using a scissors. You can cut every GP point immediately after insertion right from the master cone to increase the visibility and clean environment.
  8. Cut the remaining GPs by a red hot instrument (a plastic instrument) at the root canal opening in the cervical region with a clean sweep. Plug the root canal opening by heating and packing the remaining GPs using appropriate ball burnisher.

At this stage, your root canal treatment is complete.

Note: You need to do the needed modifications if you have prepared the canal using Protaper or rotary motor.

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Article written by Dr. Ajai Singh

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