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PM Narendra Modi Announces Extension of Nationwide Lockdown Till May 3, 2020


Lockdown period due to Covid-19 in India has been extended till May 3, 2020. In a nationwide televised message, the honourable PM of India Mr Narendra Modi made the announcement.  

During his speech the PM Modi suggested seven tips that should be followed by citizens of India. They were: 

  1. Take care of elderly
  2. Follow social distancing
  3. Follow Ayush advisories to increase immunity 
  4. Help the poor
  5. Be sensitive to employees
  6. Pay respect to frontline workers
  7. Download Arogya setu app

India Data Covid 19 at 12.00  AM on 15 April 2020 [1]
India Data Covid 19 at 12.00 AM on 15 April 2020 [1]

In a news on published on Apr 14, 2020, researchers from Australia and Taiwan, in a research paper that is yet to be peer reviewed, have claimed that the SARS-CoV-2 have shown mutation in a study done on the samples collected on Jan 27, 2020 in India. The mutation may lead to delay in the development of the vaccine. [2]  

The country has prepared 100,000 beds to receive the corona affected patients and the preparedness for fighting with novel corona virus is getting better day by day, said the PM Narendra Modi.  

He appealed the citizens of India to have patience. The Government is doing his best to avoid scarcity of essential items. The steps are being taken to help industries start their work in a limited and safe way.  



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