Seven Essential Things You Should Do to Help Yourself During Quarantine for Coronavirus Infection (COVID 19)

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The following category of people should stay at home under home quarantine. The suspected corona virus infected but not confirmed people; those who are under investigation but not needing hospitalization, those who had had confirmed coronavirus infection and were hospitalized earlier but now have been discharged and medically stable, should stay at home under quarantine. 

Now the question comes that under home quarantine condition, what a person is supposed to do? 

Well, I shall tell you, what to do when you are staying at home under quarantine.  

At home you should separate yourself from other people as well as animals. You should stay inside your own room but don’t keep on lying in the bed. You can read; you can do mild exercise if you feel so; you can listen music or view TV. It’s totally up to you. You can talk to your friends and relatives whom you have not talked for long. 

If you want to visit your doctor to get yourself checked, it will be better if you call your doctor before visiting him or her so that he or she can be prepared to receive you. 

When you talk to other people or when you are to go to see your doctor you should wear triple layered face masks, and clean your hands often.  

You should also avoid sharing your personal household items and utensils with your family members.  

The surfaces touched frequently should be wiped at least once in twenty four hours by a disinfecting agent, preferably containing 70% alcohol and 30% Chlorhexidine. Other disinfectants can also be used.

These simple things will protect your loved one and lessen your burden.

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