The Clinical Society of the Tata Main Hospital Celebrates its 55th Annual Conference

March 18, 2018, Jamshedpur

The clinical society of the Tata Main Hospital celebrates its 55th annual conference with valedictory function today.

Speaking as chief guest at valedictory function of the clinical society, Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran, the Vice-President corporate services of Tata Steel emphasized the importance of IT tools to facilitate the Primary Health Services in India.

Dr. Vijaya Bharat, President of the clinical society of Tata Main Hospital (TMH), highlighted the main events of the annual conference. She informed the audience, fifty two papers were presented by different renowned doctors, and three workshops on suturing, virtual Cath lab and echocardiography were conducted.

Releasing the TMH Clinics, Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran VPCS, Tata steel (center), Dr. D. P. Samaddar on his left and Dr. Vijaya Bharat on his right, Dr. Sridhar Pradhan on her right and Dr. Sarala Sunder on extreme left.


The secretary, Dr Sarala Sunder highlighted, in her report, the CDE programs conducted throughout the previous year.  The papers presented by clinical society members in conferences throughout India and various awards won by the members of the clinical society were also highlighted by her.

Dr. D. P. Samaddar, the Chief of medical Indore services, stressed the importance of continuous medical education and published research work in the medical field.  He encouraged everyone to actively participate in the research activity along with the patient care for the advancement of medical fraternity. He highlighted the support and guidance provided by Dr Rajan Choudhary,  General Manager Medical Services of Tata Steel, in the success of the 55th annual conference of the Clinical Society.

At this occasion, the March issue of TMH Clinics, the in-house journal of the Tata Main Hospital, and souvenir of 55th annual conference were launched by the VPCS of Tata Steel, Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran. The best category awards in various categories were also given to the best participants in each category.

The program, started on 15th March 2018, ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. Sridhar Pradhan, the new President of the Clinical Society for the year 2018-2019.


With inputs from Dr. Ajai Singh.


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