Welcome to the “Academy of Dental Knowledge”.

You can rely on us for guidance while you prepare for ADC Examination.

We are a group of teachers having more than ten years of clinical and teaching experience with a pass degree from Australian Dental Council.

We provide guidance for the ADC examination that assesses your professional qualities, knowledge, judgement and clinical skills, to determine your eligibility to apply for registration with the DBA to practice in Australia.

We request you to log in through “My Account” to take the “Free Mock Tests” and to contribute your knowledge for your peers.

Because contributing/explaining any topic clears any doubt that you may have about any concept.

Our Services

Free Silver Practice Plan: Click the link to take “Free Mock Test”

Free silver practice plan
Click the link to take the “Free Mock Test” of “Free Silver Practice Plan” : You must be logged in to take this test.

ADC Examination: Grand Test Paper

Platinum Bonanza Success Plan

platinum bonanza success plan
Click the link for Platinum Bonanza Success Plan

Diamond Sure Success Plan

diamond sure success plan
Click the link for Diamond Sure Success Plan


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