Platinum Course: ADC Preliminary Exam

Who should  take this course?

Platinum course is designed for freshly passed dental graduates who have no experience of ADC preliminary qualifying examination, lack deep understanding of dentistry and willing to take ADC examination for settling in Australia. You should take it if you have got your BDS degree within last two to three years.

What will you get?

The ”Platinum Course’ will provide you the subject and topic wise study materials, notes prepared by experienced faculties, mock test papers, past papers, relevant journals, guidelines for Australian Dentistry and most importantly mentorship and guidance at personal level.

At the end of each test papers, you will see your results and scores. Depending on the score, you need to do further study and retake the test. You can take the take as many time as many you need. The course duration will be valid for 9 months. You will have you own pace of study or you can follow the set schedule by the faculties.

Learning Objectives

  • You will become proficient in MCQ solving in ADC real examination conditions.
  • You will have a deep understanding of the subject.
  • The deep knowledge will help in practical examination too.
  • You will highly increase your probability of success in the ADC preliminary examination.
  • Not repeating the mistakes others do and remain unsuccessful in ADC examination.

What you get extra

You will get the study materials that have been accumulated by the previous ADC examination passed faculties. The materials have been selected carefully in a span of several years.

You will also get support during your study.

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