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    How Can You Work in Australia as a Dentist

    In this article, you will know about the step to follow to get job and settle in Australia as a general dentist. The dentist who has got his or her bachelor dental degree from a non-Australian institution needs to pass the skill assessment test/examination conducted by the Australian Dental Council and register themselves in Dental Board of Australia.

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    Written Examination Format of Australian Dental Council

    The ADC Written Examination is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge of the science and practice of dentistry and to assess clinical judgement and reasoning skills relevant to dental practice in Australia.


    NEET MDS: All You Need to Know

    Here, you will get information regarding the NEET MDS admission process, for e.g., last date for filling forms, eligibility criteria and syllabus. The links related to your needs are given in the post itself.

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    Platinum Course: ADC Preliminary Exam

    This course is designed for dental graduates who got their degrees within 2-3 years and are willing to take Australian Dental Council examination with no experience and willing to settle down in Australia as a dentist..

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Why should you choose us?

Because simply, we are the best in India. Our teaching techniques and methods are developed by experienced dentists who have qualified the Australian Dental council examination and have Masters degrees from India.

They have travelled the path new dentists are planning to take on for ADC exams or NEET MDS. They know exactly what difficulty a candidate faces while preparing for the qualifying examination. That is the reason, they developed the entire curriculum based on their own experience.  Therefore, they have solved all the those difficulties through our courses.

In short, we provide



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Dr. Jaya Mahanti

I wish to thank to the Academy of Dental Knowledge for helping me in my endeavour for NEET MDS. As we know very well, studying for the NEET MDS is a very tough job. It takes its toll, both physically as well as mentally. And the Academy of Dental Knowledge helped me in fighting these two evils. Their study materials that included notes, recommended books, journals, national guidelines along with so many other things and timely guidance helped me sail this journey with ease. Not only this, the mock test papers in all subjects helped me a lot. I really thank Dr. Ajai M. Singh for mentoring me with his vast experience. He knew exactly what NEET is looking for in a candidate. 


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Image of maxillary central incisors showing advance stage of proximal caries

Introduction to Dental Caries

In this lesson, the topic of dental caries has been introduced mentioning its worldwide prevalence, effect on population health & economy.

image of dental caries on occlusal surfaces of mandibular teeth.

Dental Caries: Etio-pathogenesis & Clinical Features

This lesson presents basic definitions, terminologies, etiologies, demineralisation-remineralisation of enamel and clinical characteristics of the caries lesion in the context …

image of Cavitated lesion of enamel, dental caries

Treatment Planning of Dental Caries

This lesson teaches you about the remineralization of non-cavitated enamel lesion and treatment planning of dental caries.

australian dental council exam coaching Australia

Journey of a Dentist for ADC Exam

This story of a dentist preparing for ADC exam tells the mental, physical and economic sufferings full family went through after his failure.

ADC Exam: Written & Practical explained


The Australian Dental Council conducts a series of assessment exams for accreditation of the scientific knowledge, technical and clinical skills and ability to make a clinical judgement in relation to patient care of an overseas dentist whose dental graduate degree is not recognised by the Dental Board of Australia.

Once an overseas dentist successfully clears the assessment process, he or she can register with DBA as a GP and can practice Dentistry in Australia.

Australian Dental Council assessment process is a three-stage process. The first is the initial assessment that I have already explained in the episode 1 of our video series. Now, in episode 2 of the video series, I shall explain written as well as practical exams. After going through this video, you will become familiar and confident with every aspect of the exams.


Sequelae of Infection of Dental Pulp

Periapical infection with Streptococci & Staphylococci

Majority of streptococci produce hyaluronidase, an enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid which is a universal intercellular cementing substance. It helps in the spread of infection. Usually staphylococci are good producers of hyaluronidase, so there is no spread of infection and the infection becomes localised in the form of abscess in case of staph infection.


Dental Amalgam: SAQs for Viva Voce

SAQ 1. A patient arrives at your office and expresses concern about mercury from dental amalgam causing her harm. What will you tell this patient to reassure her about the safety of amalgam? 


You will tell about three facts of dental amalgam fillings:

(1) The mercury that is in an amalgam is not free and never released into the body. It is always tied up chemically in the dental amalgam matrix. The majority of bound mercury never leaves the dental amalgam mass. (more…)

Hepatitis B: Treatment & Prevention

Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). It can cause chronic infection and puts people at high risk of death from cirrhosis and liver cancer.

In the first part of the article, you have read the epidemiology, mode of transmission of Hepatitis B virus, its sign and symptoms, groups at risk, the relationship of HBV and HIV infection, and how the diagnosis is confirmed. In this part of the article, we shall discuss about its treatment and prevention.

If you want to read a short note on Hepatitis B in Indian context, read it HERE.

You can take a Mock test on Hepatitis B.


Measures to Evaluate a Screening Test

For ADC examination, both prelims and practical viva voce, and NEET MDS,  the various measures of evaluating a screening test must be known to the students.

There are various measures to evaluate a screening test that are as follows:


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