We provide following courses to fulfil the varying demands of the students.
  1. ADC Practical Examination Course
  2. Iridium Course: for  ADC Preliminary Exam preparation in 20 weeks.
  3. Crash Course: for ADC Preliminary Exam preparation in 8 weeks.
  4. Course for Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) preparation in 20 weeks.
  5. NEET MDS Online Practice course in 20 weeks 
  6. Course for preparation of Govt Dental Job Exams in 8 weeks

ADC Practical Examination

This course is designed for candidates to perfect their preparation for part 2 of the Australian Dental Council examination. 

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For ADC part 1 examination following courses are available

1. Iridium Course

This course is designed for a fresh start. You should take it if you want to prepare for Knowledge and Judgement examination of the Australian Dental Council thoroughly.

What will you get?

This course will provide you the study material in form of short notes, clinical case studies, essential links for required topics, Australian practice guidelines, video lectures, mock test papers on weekly and monthly basis. The mock test papers will contain questions based on new blue print of the ADC written examination.

At the end of each test paper, you will see your scores. You will see the explanation of the topic. Here, you will come to know, what cluster this question belongs to and what is the purpose of asking that particular question. You may need to do further study and retake the test. You can take the test as many time as many you need. The course duration will be valid for 5 months that can be extended upon request. You will have your own pace for study or you can follow the set schedule by the faculties.

Learning Objectives

  • To become proficient in solving the scenario based, multi choice single best answer questions under real examination conditions.
  • To gain deep understanding of the topics.
  • To prepare for part two practical examination.
  • To Increase the probability of success in the preliminary examination.

What you get extra

You will get the study materials that have been accumulated by the previous ADC examination passed faculties. The materials have been selected carefully in a span of several years. The study materials include notes, books, journals, specific regulations of Australian dentistry etc. You will get one to one support during your study. 

To buy, scan QR code and pay Rs. 75,999.00 60,799.00 only.


 2Crash Course: ADC Preliminary Exam

This is a fast-paced course of 10 week duration & is designed for final revision and practice for ADC part 1 written examination. 

Salient features of This Course

  • It contains papers, each containing enough questions as per ADC Written Examination new blue print format. 
  • At the end of each paper, the results will be shown with the correct answer and explanation. 
  • The questions are designed exactly the same way as it appears in the actual examination. 
  • The papers contain scenario based, single best answer, multi option questions.
  • After completion of this course, you will have a better understanding of attempting the questions of ADC Part 1 written examination.

 Scan the following QR code and pay Rs. 3,999.00 only to get access.


Other available Courses

Overseas Registration Examination

If you do not want to read the text, you can listen this presentation on YouTube at this link Overseas Registration Examination

What is the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE)?

ORE means Overseas Registration Examination. It is an exam that overseas qualified dentists have to pass because their dental bachelor's degrees are not recognised by GDC. After passing ORE, a dentist can get registration in GDC, and he or she will be allowed to practise dentistry unsupervised in the UK. The ORE tests the clinical skills and knowledge of overseas dentists who are referred to as a candidate. Candidates are expected to be at equal or above the standard of a ‘just passed’ UK BDS graduate. A candidate should be able to show competence, knowledge and familiarity in the different aspects of dentistry in the exam. 

To purchase course for ORE part 1 preparation, Pay Rs. 74,999.00 59,999.00 only after scanning the QR code.



NEET MDS Online Practice course

NEET MDS Online Practice course aims to help you practice online MCQ papers on a weekly topic wise basis. In this course you can study on your own and keep on tracking your progress.

Benefits You Will Get from NEET MDS Online Course

You do not need to leave your home or workplace for NEET MDS preparation and stay safe from Corona.

All tests are supported by proper explanation.

More than 6000 MCQs for an extensive preparation. No topic will be left behind. Notes will be provided for every topic.

Access to previous NEET/AIIMS/PGI papers.

Option for unlimited re-takes for already attempted papers for improvement.

Doubt clearing sessions are regularly held.

In case you need any help, you may be provided by an experienced faculty.

The duration of this course is 20 weeks.

To buy this course scan the QR code and pay Rs. 11,999 5999.00 only.


Government Dental Job Examination Course

This course contains mock test papers containing MCQs with answers and explanations. The systematic practice of the mock test papers will help you prepare for the Public Service Commision Examination organised for selecting the general dentists for Provincial Medical Services. You will not need to study the entire course as you had studied dentistry during BDS course. Only the practice of mock test papers will be sufficient to qualify the examination.

To buy the course, scan the QR code and pay Rs. 16,000.00 9999.99 only.

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