ADC Exam Coaching in India- Prelims & Practical explained

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The Australian Dental Council conducts a series of assessment exams for accreditation of the scientific knowledge, technical and clinical skills and ability to make a clinical judgement of patient care of an overseas dentist whose dental graduate degree is not recognised by the Dental Board of Australia.

Once an overseas dentist successfully clears the assessment process, he or she can register with DBA as a GP and can practice Dentistry in Australia.

Australian Dental Council assessment process is a three-stage process. The first is the initial assessment that I have already explained in the episode 1 of our video series. Now, in episode 2 of the video series, I shall explain the second stage which is written written exam and third stage which is practical exam. After going through this video, you will become familiar and confident with every aspect of the exam.

Once you are declared eligible in the initial assessment process, then only you can take the written exam.

Fee Structure

Item                                             Fee 


Initial assessment, skills assessment, and initial assessment renewal 

Initial assessment                                     $610 AUD 

Initial assessment renewal                             $250 AUD 

Skills assessment                                     $610 AUD 

Skills assessment (work history reassessment)             $250 AUD 

Appeal against the outcome of the initial assessment             $610 AUD 

Written examination

Written examination application                            $2,000 AUD 

Verification of a written examination result             $120 AUD 

Application for review – written examination                      $950 AUD 

Independent appeal committee – written examination             $5,000 AUD 

Practical examination 

Practical examination application                             $4,500 AUD 

Verification of a practical examination result                     $120 AUD 

Application for review – practical examination             $950 AUD 

Independent appeal committee – practical examination     $5,000 AUD 

Application Process

ADC written exam is held at various centres within as well as outside Australia. In India, the centres are New Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Mumbai etc. In Australia, it is held in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and at other places.

The written examination is held by VUE Pearson on behalf of ADC two times in a year, usually in March and September. Notification of the written examination is usually advertised in December-January and May-June each year on ADC website.

You are not required to pass Occupational English Test or International English language Testing System (IELTS) for sitting in a written exam. To understand the format and requirements of an examination, you should read the handbook for written examination that you can download from ADC website.

Now I will talk about the steps of the application process.

  1. Go to Australian Dental Council website
  2. Download the latest version of application form and print it
  3. Read instructions & fill the form carefully
  4. Attach the certified copies of the document listed in the form
  5. Pay fee by demand draft or credit card
  6. Send it to the address mentioned in the form

There are two addresses on the form; one is mailbox and other is a physical address. If you are sending your application via courier which is more appropriate from India, send it to the physical address of Melbourne which is level 6, 469 La Trobe Street Melbourne 3000. The post box address is PO Box number 13278 Law Courts Victoria 8010 Australia.

One advantage of sending the application via courier is that someone will receive it personally and you will know the name of the person and rest assured. You can send it via DHL which I used in my time, but you can use any good courier service.

Once your application is accepted, you will be given a reference number and access to VUE Pearson website to book your venue and date of written examination.

Blue Print of Written Exam

The written part 1 exam has been modified since May 2021. If you can read the article HERE or view this Video.

Based on these matrices, we have prepared our courses and you will find the papers during practice the same as if you are seeing them in actual papers

What to Study

As for study materials, the ADC website has given a long list of books, journals etc. Since you know the blueprint of the exam now, you would have had the understanding of what to study. But for clarity, I will show you some books you must consult. Here is the link for the Books for ADC Examination

On this website, you will find the books suggested by ADC. On the same page, you will find another list that I studied. You will find a huge difference between these two as my list is huge. This is because I wanted to grasp the knowledge of dentistry. 

Some of the recent ADC exams pass out dentist are saying that one can study smartly. In a way they are true as there is no limit of dental literature. I suggest you do selective study if you have approximately 6 month. If you are planning for a long term, then you do a thorough study of all the topics. Of course, the MCQs are the main focus point but they check your scientific knowledge and ability to make judgement regarding patient treatment. So I suggest, study as it suits you, not based on someone else’s guidance.

Result of Written Exam

Results of the written exam will be declared within 6 to 7 weeks on ADC website and you will receive a mail too from the same. The written examination will be valid for 3 years only. 

Practical Examination

Once you pass a written exam, you will need to apply for practical exams during a designated application period. Upon confirmation of venue you will be notified detailing your practical exam schedule approximately four weeks prior to the date.

Before you reach the venue for the Practical Examination, I suggest that you make yourself familiar with the Practical Examination information package and Australian Dental Council assessment process which is an overview of ADC assessment and examination process for Overseas qualified dentists.

Venue of practical exam

ADC examinations can be taken at various centres spread throughout the world. If you are to go out of your country, I would suggest that it is better to choose Melbourne as your practical exam venue.

Once you reach the exam venue, you will be given a guided tour by an ADC staff. I am not going into those details. I’ll focus on the actual work that you will be needing to show them to pass the practical exam. 

Details of Practical Exam

Practical Examination is composed of two components and is held in 2 days.

One is clinical skills day and the second is technical skills day. 

There will be ten objectively structured clinical examination stations (OSCE) and you will be sent randomly to anyone. 

You will be required to gather clinical information of two simulated patients, make diagnosis and management planning of two cases. Besides, you will be required to do six clinical treatments and their evaluation on standard OSCE stations.

On technical skills day, you will work on dental models in mannequins. You will be required to perform 3 restorations and three prosthodontic preparations-total of 6 cases. It may consists of one class 2 cavity preparation for silver filling, cavity preparation of class III & IV along with composite restorations, or you may need to prepare a complex pin retained amalgam restoration and a complex silver filling in an already prepared cavity. You will be required to do crown preparations for full cast crown on a posterior tooth and a porcelain fused to metal crown preparation on an anterior tooth. You also may be needed to show one or more endodontic procedures. On a technical or procedural station you will be required to take radiographs, apply rubber dam and make RPD design.

Result of practical exam

To pass ADC exam, you must gain an overall pass in each of five clusters of the clinical skills day and overall pass in both clusters of the technical skills day.

After you pass the practical examination, you will be given a pass certificate and your name will be sent to the Dental Board of Australia for information purposes. You can start the registration process with the Dental Board of Australia. Once you are registered with DBA, you become eligible to open your practice, or to get a job.

 The Academy of Dental Knowledge provides coaching and mentoring for written as well as practical exams. You can contact us by email to or call us or WhatsApp at 9263633090.