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Antimicrobials used in dentistry

Antimicrobials used in dentistry

Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals to destroy or inhibit the growth of cells. Two broad classes of chemotherapeutic agents are used in pharmacology: 

  1. antimicrobials and 
  2. anticancer drugs. 

The basis of antimicrobial chemotherapy is a differential sensitivity of the patient and microbe cells to the action of the drug. The drug may affect a structural component of the target cell which is not found in the patient, for example, the bacterial cell wall. Alternatively, a chemotherapeutic agent may inhibit a metabolic pathway peculiar to the microbe cells, for example, synthesis of folate.

Can clothe masks be a substitute for N95 masks?

Can clothe masks be a substitute for N95 masks?  

The researchers at the University of Chicago performed a study to check the purification ability of the cloth masks. They made masks by joining one layer of tightly woven cotton sheet1 and two layers of polyester-spandex chiffon2, which is a fabric commonly used in evening gowns. These masks filtered out 80% to 90% spray particles ranging from 10 nanometres to 6 micrometres in diameter at normal human respiratory flow rate and volume.  


Bio-medical Waste Management

The biomedical waste management in India should be the burning and worrisome topic for the public as well as hospitals and health care service providers. Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2016 and further amendments in 2018 and 2019 have made enough provisions to handle all the biomedical wastes by any entity involved in anything related with health care provision. This includes, hospitals with only OPD facilities, hospitals with indoor facilities, blood donation camps, free health camps, medical services being provided in the field excluding the active war zones as well as the ships in the international water with Indian registration. 

The categorization of all biomedical wastes into four color categories namely yellow, red, white, and blue made the segregation easy and practical. It does not specifically say anything about the rules and regulations to be followed in reference to COVID-19. But when, the proper biomedical waste management protocols, standard precautions also known as universal precautions and the latest guidelines issued for the control of spread of Covid-19 by MoHFW are put together; we find ourselves equipped with enough tools to deal with all types of wastes and infections. 

We shall read more about the Bio-medical Waste (Management & Handling) rules 2016 and further amendments in 2018 & 2019 in further articles. 

Coronavirus Disease: Seven Essential Norms You Should Follow to Help Yourself during Home Quarantine Period

Coronavirus Disease-COVID-19: Seven Essential Norms You Should Follow to Help Yourself during Quarantine Period

The following category of people should stay at home under home quarantine status. This category includes a person with suspected coronavirus infection, those under investigation but not needing hospitalization. Also, the one who had had confirmed coronavirus infection was hospitalized earlier but now has been discharged and medically stable. These people should stay at home under quarantine conditions.

Covid 19: Test Yourself-How Much Do You Think, You Know Coronavirus?

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