Govt Dental Job Exams

What can an expert dentist ask a rookie, in an exam designed to choose a dentist who is supposed to treat the mass population under limited resources. 

Will they ask questions on advanced endodontics, advanced surgeries, implantology or very complex design for a patient needing full mouth rehabilitation? 

The answer is a big “No”.

In a government job, a dentist is supposed to treat most prevalent disease(s)-dental caries and periodontitis and their sequelae. 

Of course, a government dentist will be needed to testify for some medico-legal cases; therefore, he or she should be knowledgeable in jurisprudence and forensic dentistry.

What should be taught so that a dentist can qualify for the job. Based on my own successful experience of the UP Public Service commission, I have prepared this course which can be completed within two to three months if you work really hard.

The contents are designed to treat the general dental diseases which are prevalent in Indian population. The answers are provided along with needed explanations. The links provided with explanations will lead you to the related topics that are published as an independent article. This is done so to avoid boredom, few of us sometimes start getting on the thought of just “STUDYING”. 

Oh!! Boredom!! don’t say that study is not super boring.

You may view the video lectures, if you wish for it. So, try to enjoy the course and keep yourself away from all kinds of negativity.

And just to make it clear to you, we provide support for the following Public Service Commission Dental examinations

  • Haryana Public Service Commission
  • Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission
  • Rajasthan Public Service Commission
  • Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission
  • Odisha Public Service Commission 
  • Punjab Public Service Commission

So, what are you waiting for till now? Scan the QR code and buy the course. Pay only Rs. 9999.99 only instead of Rs 16,000.00.


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