ADC Exam Preparation | How to Become Registered Dentist in Australia

A dentist who has got a bachelor's degree from a non-Australian institution needs to pass the skill assessment examination conducted by the Australian Dental Council (ADC) and then needs to register oneself in Dental Board of Australia to practise as a general dentist in Australia or to get a job in public or private sector. 

The ADC examination is a screening examination to establish that dentists trained in dental schools which is not formally reviewed and accredited by the ADC, have the necessary competence to practise dentistry in Australia. 

Following are the steps, an overseas dentist needs to go through to qualify the ADC examination: 

  • Initial assessment  
  • ADC preliminary examination  
  • ADC practical examination 


In the initial assessment process the following documents will be assessed by ADC: 

  1. Your professional qualification (bachelor's degree). 
  2. Your work experience. 
  3. Details of your most recent dental registration.
  4. Good standing stated by registering authority. 

You are eligible for initial assessment by Australian Dental Council, if you have a dental degree of your own country or any country which is recognized by the Australian Dental Council. 

As a dentist, you can get assessed by ADC at any time of the year by submitting a duly filled initial assessment of professional qualification application form. 

Once the application form and supporting documents have been received, you will be assigned an ADC candidate reference number. Once the initial assessment is done in your favour, you may apply for ADC preliminary exam.

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The written examination of ADC for dentists is a computer-based examination. It evaluates a candidate’s knowledge of the competencies relevant to dental practice in Australia. 

The written examination is conducted over 2 days by Pearson VUE. It consists of ”four papers” each containing 70 scenarios based and single best answer multiple choice questions. The examination is held in multiple locations in Australia as well as overseas. 

For preparation of the written examination, we are here to help you. 

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Practical Examination of ADC is the final stage of the ADC assessment process. The candidates get a chance to demonstrate that they are competent to practice safely as a dentist in Australia. Practical Examination assesses candidates across the range of the entry level competencies of the newly qualified dentist. 

We, at the Academy of Dental Knowledge provide complete training for the practical examination. 


Details of Course options for ADC Exam Coaching 

Option 1: Online Test Series with study materials for ADC Part – I Exam via its Iridium and Crash Courses. 

Online Tests are available at

  • Tests & Discussions covering all subjects to prepare you for ADC Part – I Exams along with study material. 
  • All tests are with explanatory answers, references & combined Rankings. 
  • Every Sunday tests are conducted online. 
  • Previous Tests are available for repeat attempts online 24 hours x 7 days. 
  • Study material in the form of books recommended for ADC are sent to all enrolled candidates-online 

Option 2: Clinical Training Course for ADC Part II Exam. 

All the procedures are performed by the students on ADC simulated models, typodonts, extracted teeth & allotted patients. 

Focuses on Endodontics, Prosthodontics & Restorative Dentistry with Periodontics, Radiology, Oral Surgery and Paedodontics. 

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For ADC Exam details, you can view the video on YouTube. Click the link given below.