Our Team 

  1. Provides guidance to the overseas dentists for initial assessment; e-books, notes, topic wise journal articles, practice test papers, old questions papers, video lectures along with personal discussion for the preparation of ADC written part 1 exam. We also provide practical training for  Australian Dental Council Practical examination.
  2. Practice materials-MCQ with explanation for NEET MDS & AIIMS MDS examination in India.
  3. Old Papers containing MCQs, SAQ & true/false for NDEB and ORE with answers & explanation.
  4. Preparation materials for dental job exams of various Public Service Commissions.


We Provide Following Courses

For Australian Dental Council Examination

The ‘Platinum Course‘ is for fresh graduates. Therefore, all study materials, study notes, mock test papers, sample test papers, old test papers, related journal materials, and information on laws and guidelines governing dentistry in Australia. 

The ‘Diamond Course‘ is meant for those dentists who have theoretical knowledge but lack practice. This plan provides mock test papers and old test papers of ADC exam along with answers & explanations. 

ADC Preliminary Exam: Crash Course  is a fast-paced course of 8 week duration & is designed for final revision and practice for ADC part 1 written examination which is scheduled to be held on 3 & 4 March 2021. 

The ‘Clinical & Technical Training for ADC Practical Exam‘ Course is specially prepared for improving the clinical & Technical skills. This 10 weeks course will help in mastering the needed clinical & Technical skill for part 2 of ADC examination.

For NEET MDS Preparation

The ‘NEET MDS Online Practice Course‘ for honing the MCQ solving skill. This course provides 5000 MCQs along with explanation of the answer immediately. You will never leave the page for explanation. This type of learning shortens your preparation time.

For NDEB and ORE Preparation

This course provides all formats of questions, their answers with suitable explanation. You will never need to consult any other resource for your preparation.



dr jaya mahanti image
Dr. Jaya Mahanti

I wish to thank to the Academy of Dental Knowledge for helping me in my endeavour for NEET MDS. As we know very well, studying for the NEET MDS is a very tough job. It takes its toll, both physically as well as mentally. And the Academy of Dental Knowledge helped me in fighting these two evils. Their study materials that included notes, recommended books, journals, national guidelines along with so many other things and timely guidance helped me sail this journey with ease. Not only this, the mock test papers in all subjects helped me a lot. I really thank Dr. Ajai M. Singh for mentoring me with his vast experience. He knew exactly what NEET is looking for in a candidate. 

I was fresh from college and was not well versed in tooth conservation techniques, access openings, taking care of periodontitis, crown preparations, impression techniques and removable prosthodontics. While I was taking my training under Dr. Ajai M. Singh, he guided me in a stepwise manner, making me master in all techniques like cavity preparations for silver amalgam and composite restorations. He taught me about the correct access cavity preparation as per international standards. I was amazed to see his skills for root canal therapy. Working with him made me an expert in root canal therapy. He taught me how to take care of teeth in periodontally compromised patients. By observing his skills in crown and bridge preparations, I learned the best of crown preparation techniques.   

The best part of my learning was how apply my theoretical  knowledge to the clinical conditions of the patients and make the correct treatment planning  for the best care of the patient thereby providing a holistic treatment.

I show my gratitude to Dr. Ajai M. Singh and the Academy of Dental Knowledge for my entire success.   

Dr. Jaya Mahanti 


Journey of A Dentist for ADC Exam

The Sydney Opera House – 2010 – Sydney, Australia – Photograph by: JACK ATLEY/www.jackatley.com


This real story tells the tale of the journey of a dentist who took a chance for ADC exam and the mental, physical and economic sufferings full family went through after his failure.

Ganesh was a general dental practitioner with a nice practice in a class two city. Isha was a tutor in a Dental college in the same city. The couple had been living a happily married life with their 5 years old son and their parents in a joint family.

Traveling towards Dream

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Free Mock Test paper for Practice

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