Dental Burs

Diamond burs are generally used for reducing tooth structures to prepare cavities for restorations or place crowns or porcelain veneers. Diamonds may also be used to smooth, refine, and polish composite or porcelain material.Diamond is the hardest of all known materials. When bonded to stainless steel through a special metallurgical process, it can be used to create a cutting edge with superior cutting ability and durability. However, compared with carbide burs, diamond burs usually have a more pronounced decrease in cutting effectiveness over time leading to a shorter lifespan.

Types of Diamond Bur Shapes

Unlike carbide burs, which are available in a variety of shank types, diamond burs are most commonly friction grip type because they are used primarily in high speed handpieces. However, similar to carbide burs, they come in a variety of head shapes and sizes.
Diamond burs kit for crown preparation