Dental Materials Used In Pulp Protection: Varnishes

The pulp of a tooth lies within its mass. It may be insulted due to various types of injuries and may need to be protected during the treatment. There are varieties of materials available for use. They show different properties and can be used in different conditions with their own advantages and disadvantages. These materials are as follows.

  1. Varnishes
  2. Resin sealants
  3. Remineralising solutions
  4. Liners & bases
  5. Calcium hydroxide
  6. Zinc phosphate cement
  7. Zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) cement


Properties :They have very low viscosity containing a relatively large proportion, by volume, of a volatile solvent.

Purpose of use:

For application to dentine in order to decrease permeability.

  1. Because of the high proportion of solvent, and subsequently the large volume reduction on drying, the ultimate film is relatively porous and therefore not very effective.
  2. Relies, to a degree, on the presence of an intact smear layer, with which it may combine, to reduce permeability.
Limited Uses

They were originally used to decrease early microleakage around amalgam restorations and then wash out to be replaced by corrosion products, and this remains their best use.

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