CBI Books Head of Dental Department AIIMS-Patna for Corruption Charges

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed an FIR against former Head of the Dental Department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)-Patna, Dr. Shailesh Kumar Mukul. He is accused of resorting to “unlawful means in conspiracy with others” during the 2013 and 2019 period.  

It has been alleged in the FIR that Dr. Shailesh Kumar Mukul, the suspended Associate Professor and Head of the Dental Department, AIIMS-Patna did not buy the dental implants and associated accessories through proper channel by prescribing through OPD booklet. Instead, he asked the patients to pay cash to the laboratory assistance or buy the items directly from a Bengaluru based firm Osteo-3D.  

AIIMS-Patna Institute Body president Prof. Narendra K. Arora has issued a note sanctioning the registration of a case against the erring dentist. He has alleged that the seller company, Osteo-3D overcharged the dental implants. Later, Osteo-3D routed the extra cash to the alleged doctor through a Patna based firm J.J. Prabhukripa. It is to note that the firm J.J. Prabhukripa is also a supplier/vendor for dental implants and other accessories to Dental Department – AIIMS Patna.  

As per the officials, the investigations are on under sections related to criminal conspiracy and obtaining undue advantage, among others.  


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