NABH Standards for Dental Healthcare Service Providers: Care of Patients

NABH Accreditation Standards for Dental Healthcare  Service Providers  have been outlined in two parts: (A) patient centered standards & (B) organisation centered standards. Here we shall discussed the second chapter of patient centered standards.

Chapter 2: Care of Patients (COP)

This chapter details about various facets of the patients’ care which is outlined below.

COP.1: Uniform care of the patient is provided in all settings of the organisation, and is guided by the applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.

COP.2: Emergency services are guided by policies, guidelines, applicable laws and regulations.

COP.3: Policies and procedures guide the care of the patients requiring cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

COP.4: Policies and procedures define the rationale use of blood and blood products.

COP.5: Policies and procedures guide the guide the dental laboratory services.

COP.6: Policies and procedures guide the care of vulnerable patients (elderly, children, physically and/or mentally challenged).

COP.7: Policies and procedures guide the care of paediatric dental patients.

COP.8: Policies and procedures guide the administration of anaesthesia.

COP.9: Policies and procedures guide the care of patients undergoing surgical procedures.

COP.10: Policies and procedures guide appropriate pain management.

COP.11:  Policies and procedures guide all research activities.

Note: One can always consult the booklet for further information, from the NABH website.




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