Five reasons you should take an implant supported prosthesis

Schematic diagram showing implant components and how a crown is placed on implant which in turn placed in a bony socket in the jaw bone

People often ask me; can I get a fixed artificial teeth? While most of the time, they can get it, but in few unfortunate one, it remained impossible to provide a fixed partial denture due to their unfavourable oral conditions. In those cases, we suggest them, “you should take an implant supported prosthesis”.

We see a sigh of relief on patients face. At least there is something that will solve my problem, the patient says or thinks something like this. Once they confirm the willingness for an implant supported prosthesis, it becomes a “dentist’s” duty to explain its advantage.

Lest us talk about advantage and indications of implant supported prosthesis.


Improved function:

Compared to conventional removable partial dentures, the implant supported prosthesis gives a much better masticatory performance. The force, a patient can apply through implant supported teeth on food is equivalent to the natural dentition. The better chewing of food will have great positive effect on digestion and psychological overall wellbeing. It will also improve the satisfaction as the patient will be able to eat variety of food, which was limited due to poor performance of RPD.


Improved aesthetics:

The aesthetics rendered by implant supported prosthesis are greatly improved due to better emergence profile in anterior segment of the oral cavity. The ridge augmentation and other allied techniques have given ample tools to restorative dentists to help patient aesthetically.


Improved stability and support:

Implant supported dentures are as stable as natural dentition. Additional implants can be surgically placed as per the need of the support.


Conservative in nature:

The prosthesis supported by implants are conservative to soft and hard tissues. The presence of implant reduces the bone loss and maintain the soft tissue contour at the site as opposed to with a RPD. It also prevents the natural tissue loss that occurs during tooth preparation for crown and bridge.


Prevention of caries:

A tooth having crown over a natural tooth may get recurrent caries or root caries but an implant is immune for the same. Therefore, an implant supported bridge will never have a chance of secondary or root caries.

Thus, we see that the implant supported artificial teeth are the most predictable and highly satisfactory option to restore missing teeth.

This post was published to Dental Knowledge at 1:28:40 PM 6/28/2017