Journey of Dentist to Australia: Part 2

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With the passage of time, Ganesh became aware of the situation of his family. He started to understand the pain of his wife and the thought process of his father. He, who always cared for him, was worried about his future; the future ahead of his family life as well as financials, as it has to have a long-lasting effect on his Son too. 

Both Ganesh and his wife dropped the idea of ADC as it was clear, no matter how hard they try it, it was not meant for them. Moreover, they were out of funds, rather, better word was, in negative funds. So, to regain their lost finances, they modified their plan.  

The plan was to try for a gulf job and regain the lost finance. They consulted with their friend who had experience of the gulf job. Ganesh and his wife got a decent job in Saudi Arabia. It was a job in a remote area of the Kingdom, but since they had their own circumstances, they adjusted themselves in a few months. 

In this world there is no end to issues, no matter where a person lives. This soon started being applied to them too. A recently came new dentist in their workplace had Arab origin and the staff started giving him preferential treatment. The distribution of work started skewing, putting Ganesh in a difficult situation. His wife was cool as being a female, she was spared, or the person involved had no guts to disturb her and be caught in a situation that might have backfired. 

Ganesh contacted his friend for solace. He understood his situation and the options available. He decided, as long as I am getting my salary, I have to stay here and refill my coffer. There was no second choice. 

His wife and he stayed for five years in Saudi Arabia and then started thinking of coming back to India. They have earned sufficient, filled their coffer and most importantly regained lost self-esteem and self-worth. Their family life has again come back on a smooth track. 

Before coming back to India, Ganesh refurbished his old clinic when he had visited India last time. It was ready to start the work. Ganesh started working in his own clinical practice the next day of arrival to India. His wife got her old tutoring job back in the same college she was teaching in. Within a year, they decided to open a second clinic. Soon it was booming by the hard-working ethics of his wife, who decided to go take the clinical practice as full-time work. 

The couple decided to buy a house near their old home and were happy ever after. Ganesh remained obliged to his friends who supported him during his bad time.